The Day Of The Mother

What will it bring I wonder.
There has been no covert activity going on. I have not heard the rustle of card making paper being hidden. No dashing straight upstairs to hie something when someone comes through the front door.
After American Idol last night, Doris, Kev and Jim went upstairs and stayed up, there was no fighting, no loud crashes, I was suspicous.
But, when I went to be at 11, the 3 of them were in the top bunk playing a 3 man game of chess they have devised….
And oh my goodness, as I was typing this, in came Doris with a gift for me.
Beautifully wrapped ( Japanese genes) on of those thermal mugs for taking my coffee out and about. ( Looks rather like the one she won at Junior Leader camp??) and, wait there is more, my favourite stone, malachite, a strap for my mobile phone made from tiny malacite chips and a little card that says it will help relieve my stress. Oh what a love she is, extra chocolate for her today.
To top it off she sang my favourite Mother’s Day song.
” Good Morining Mama” from Carolyn Graham’s Holiday Chants CD.
Happy Mother’s Day to Mother’s everywhere.

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