Pushed the boat out and bought myself a Casio Ex-Word, the ultimate in electronic dictionaries, well this week it is anyway, I am sure something will have surpassed it by Thursday.
I know it is going to change my life just as soon as I can figure out how to use it, which won’t happen until Sunshine gets in from ‘work’.

‘Work’ is the term we use to mean I drive her across town, where she gets paid more per hour than I do, to sit on a sofa I can’t afford watching all the latest dvds on a flat screen-wide screen-plasma affair TV, bigger than our entire house, while an apparently mythical baby sleeps upstairs.

While she was ‘working’ I took Jim to buy summer shoes. He wanted some Crocs.
At the shoe shop they had the cheapo version called ‘Machoppers’.
He chose sky-blue and all was well till I was handing over the cash and all his reading lessons suddenly kicked in and he quite rightly said,
” Hold your horses, these aren’t Crocs, it says ‘Machoppers’ on the strap”

“Ah yes, quite true my young Einstein”, I said.
“Machoppers are the newer, faster, improved version of Crocs, you know like DS and DS-Lite. These are the DS-Lites of the shoe world”.

That was acceptable to the wee cherub, though later, in the car, he did ask why they didn’t just call them ‘Croc-Lites’.
No flies on that boy.

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