Jet Setting Chicklets.

Big news for us!
Our Doris,our very own Doris has been invited to go to Canada for about a week next month. Woohoo. She has been asking if she can go by herself in the summer hols, to stay with close friends and I have been umming and aahing it.
Sunshine went to the UK by herself when she was just a year older than Doris is now and that all seemed like a great plan until I had to acually let her go through passport control by herself, luckily my friend Rits was there to pull me up off the floor.
Anyhoo, the quandry is over as a good friend has invited Doris to go with him, so she can go and have the holiday of a lifetime, surrounded by folks who are as excited to have her as she is to go.
Living away is hard when you are so far from so many of the fabulous people who have come into your life at various times, but SO great when something like this can happen and someone can facillitate your child having such a great experience. So thanks so much Uncle Brick for doing this.

When Sunshine went to England, she stayed with one of my oldest and best friends, we met when we worked backstage together in the West End, and the only thing bigger than our ambitions to act were our hangovers.
This is back in the day, when the Sony Walkman was the best new thing, when people queued for tickets to ‘Cats’, a day, if you can imagine, when the Cafe Latte had not been invented.
This friend had jumped on a plane to help out when the shit hit the fan for us badly a few years ago. She is quite a bit younger than me.
She gave Sunshine the time of her life, they did all the sights, the historical, the fun, the West End musical, and souvenir photos of eveything.
There was ice cream and chocs galore, Sunshine came back with a new expression,
‘ What do you fancy?”
I could so hear my friend saying this to her in every restaurant, every coffee chop they went to.
My friend now has her on very fine young son, a boy with many names, Kev can’t recall them all so calls him, Peter-Susan- Edmund-Lucy.
I said to my friend, that I hoped I could do the same for her kids, but by the time they were old enough to come I would be retired!!
She said,
” Thats good, you’ll have a lot of time on your hands.”

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