The Time Has Come.

The time is upon us, we cannot, must not, will not put it off any longer….
There comes a time in every child’s life ….
When they must learn…….
How to play…..
We, the powers that be have decided that today is the day,we will teach the chicklets how to play.

The Man taught me how to play, way way back in the day. We were travelling in China. We had been there for about 3 months and I personally had HAD ENOUGH. I could not stand one more minute. We had been on 36 hour train journeys without a seat, we had rolled into major cities in the height of summer where there was no water, in the entire city. We had queued days to get tickets to go from one city to the next. We ended up in Kunming, a beautiful city, spent several weeks in a little mountain place called Dali ( where I, ever ready to try new things, ate the best, the very best, apple pie and custard I have ever had in my life) and I was done.
In fact, I will digress a second and say it was sitting in a little cafe in Dali with about 20 or so other travellers, when someone heard on the World Service that John McCarthy had been released after being held captive in Lebanon for over 4 years. It became an amazing night of celebration, that no one who was there would ever forget.

Back to me being done. I wanted to go back to Thailand.

We tried to get flights out of Kunming and they said it would take 3 weeks.
So we went to a hotel, and I said ” I am staying here, I am not leaving until the plane does”.
And so began the Mahjong.
The Man taught me how to play and we played all day everyday, for 3 weeks. We only left the hotel to eat.
So tonight we will introduce our chicks to the joy that is Mahjong.
Of course we have barely played since those halcyon days in Kunming so we may be a tad rusty, and how Kev will do playing a game that requires, skill and memory and strategy and a thousand complex rules, is anyone’s guess.

Hey ho! Family games.

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