A Lone Grommit.

It is done,the boy has a grommit. Just one. I thought they came in pairs but I stand corrected.
Today’s hearing test showed Jim’s right ear has not improved with the treatment he has been having , he has no hearing at all in that one.
In the past his left was fine, but yesterday’s test showed very little hearing there too.
So it was decided that he would have a grommit put in the right and the spliced hole treatment in the left.
He lay on a bed for 30 minutes while they put an aneasthetic in, 15 minutes in each ear.
I offered to read to him while it drip drip dripped in.
I got about halfway through a paragraph of my book, ‘Desert Sojourn’ (one woman’s 40 days and nights alone in the desert) before he reached up from the bed, took it from my hands and whacked me over the head with it.
That was our subtle code for ‘ enough Mama dear, I was hoping for Harry Potter’.
So all we have left to amuse ourselves for the next 29 minutes is rock, scissors, paper
Have you ANY idea how many times you can play rock, scissors, paper in 29 minutes.
And the kid never gets bored of it. Well okay he won 19,627 times, but still, it did get hard to constantly smile through it.
The nurse kept coming up to check he wasn’t feeling drowsy or sick or light headed or anything. Not a chance, this was a kid at the top of his game.

The 29 minutes ticked by. It was time for the cutting, I mentioned that actually I was feeling a little drowsy but no one cared.

They put a camera in his ears and took some lovely pictures. Left ear cut with big knife, right ear cut, grommit inserted.
Pay 3 months salary and off we go.

It was like the Six Million Dollar Man’s first day out. Or did he have a bionic eye?
Maybe is was her, the bionic woman that had the super ear.
We walked through the shopping aracade and Jim’s little head was twitching from side to side, twitch, he paused to listen to a fly land on a watermelon, twitch,
3 streets over a woman brushes her hair, twitch, up on the bridge a child drops a tissue.
he kept shouting at me, ‘It’s so loud, I can hear everything”.
Excellent! No excuses for ignoring me now.!

6 thoughts on “A Lone Grommit.

  1. is there (twitch) volume control on those things?

    what a trooper he is! (and you too)

    did you know that day that you’d get the grommet or they just decided on the spot?

  2. I knew we were heading in that direction, but I didn’t know we would actually do it yesterday.
    He didn’t feel any pain, smiled through the whole thing, kept giggling about winning the jan ken so many times, the doc. had to actually ask him to stop laughing while he was wielding the blade!

  3. Do you think they will put those things in the ears of my two kids and DH? They always seem to go totally deaf whenever I say anything.

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