Just a Day.

Watched ‘Waitress’ yesterday which threw me into a pie making frenzy, despite the ongoing butter crisis here in Japan, where there is NO BUTTER on the shelves, just a dubious product labelled butter blend’ and the uninspiring figures ‘ 10%’ hidden among the heiroglyphics.
‘Waitress’ was good, a good thing to watch as I folded a week’s worth of washing.
Not an award winner but a nice afternoon film.

Went to pick up Doris’ passport so she bagged another couple of hours off school.
I wonder if it is just me, but people seem to take school so darn seriously.
I mean, yes, it does have it’s function, taking care of the kids while I watch dvds educating the chicklets etc, but I don’t see the big deal in missing days here and there.
I told her teacher that she would have to miss between 90 minutes and 2 hours
OVER THE LUNCH PERIOD, and there was much sucking in of breath.
I really don’t think, at least in primary school that it matters all that much to have time off, but lots have people have asked me what we will do about school work when Doris misses SIX whole entire school days to go to Canada.
I am really not that fussed about it, I think she’ll just catch up.I think the experience of going to Canada far outweighs, the missing of a few lessons, they are doing calculating the area of a parallelogram not nuclear fission energy.
Anything missed we can simply look up in my wisely purchased from Amazon book,
‘All you need to know about Mathematics’.

So we get the passport, Dear Bloomin also made a fabulous travel wallet, for her tickets, passport and letter to immigration explaining that Uncle Brick is not kidnapping her. I wanted to take a photo of her opening the gift from Blooming to post here and show Blooming Doris’s solute joy and excitement, but apparently the taking of photos inside the passport office is strictly forbidden???
So I missedmy ‘shutter chance’.

So after a hearty lunch followed by ice cream, it was back to school so I could finish my fabulous Val McDermid book ‘A Place of Execution’.
Which is set in the early 60’s in England when the Moors Murderers were still at large. Fast forward to the late 90s and one of the protaganists talks about growing up wth that in the back ground The freedoms that were curtailed, the climate of fear at the time. It resonated with me because a decade and half later we lived in fear of The Yorkshire Ripper, and I wasn’t even allowed to walk the 2 minutes from the bus stop to my house at night. My Dad and the dog were always waiting for me, though he was forbidden to wave to my friends still at the back of the bus!

Waffle waffle waffle. Back to today! Kids got in from school and went straight out to play. Kids came in starving at 7. Doris has a mysterious stomach ache, coincidentally right before Tae Kwon Dou, where she does not want to go, prefering to stay home and watch Music Station.
I offered no sympathy, I am all out.
She has gone to lie down, I predict a rapid recovery the minute I leave the house to take Jim!

3 thoughts on “Just a Day.

  1. i never understand people who bragged about perfect attendance either. bit boring, really. i used to write my own medical notes to get out early for concerts too!

  2. They really are ridiculous with the attendance thing, aren’t they? Over inflated sense of their own self importance. 80% of time at school is wasted anyway if you ask me.

    I think I will just call my kids in sick with a fever whenever I need to take them somewhere for something like renewing a passport or whatever. They don’t ever seem to question The Fever.

  3. Yes, quite Sherrywk, the almighty fever.
    All this talk of bringing back school on Saturday’s too. Why don’t they just better utilise the time the kids are in school Mon to Fri?

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