A World Out Of Whack.

Well the vote off threw me for a loop.
I just don’t get it. Who votes? Who are the people voting? Why do they vote the way they do? what IS going on.

So I can see a lot of people liking Brooke, she seems like a very nice person, with a nice voice, and I can see Brooke not actually going home, but to not even be in the bottom 2 ( as it was last night) . The song was not good, she ‘lost the lyric’ , she sang without confidence?
Sayesha, I thought, was great with ‘One Rock’n’Roll Too Many’, how did she end up at the bottom of the pile?
Not sad that Carly is gone but she did alright with her song and I will say very very classy exit Carly.

But onto good news.
‘House’ is back for us. We have season 3, which almost makes up for the end of our current West Wing season.
‘House’ is going to clash with Without A Trace meaning I shall have to ship in the kids to set timers for the hard disk etc, but it can be done. Where there’s a will there’s me, waiting for a cash handout, as they say.

So Monday morning, chicklets off to school, though not getting too excited as they have a random day off tomorrow. All this fuss about sliding standards in education and let’s bring back Saturday school. Never mind that, let them just do the five day week without all these days off and early hometimes.
My job and hours are very flexible so I can work around a random day off but what about people who can’t? By people I mean of course women, mothers, cos we know the dads aren’t taking a day off, tomorrows random day off means a lot of kids will be home alone playing Wii and heating lunch up in the microwave.

4 thoughts on “A World Out Of Whack.

  1. I know! I couldn’t believe it. This is actually the second time Brook has stopped and started over, although last time it was just her on the piano so she didn’t have to restart the band too. I didn’t think Carly would make it until the end, but I thought she would last longer than cry baby Brook.

    Accidently found out who are the final two this morning. Damn internet!

    I was totally shocked Syesha was in the bottom two..

  2. It is funny, I didn’t really get into American Idol this time around largely because of the random scheduling on ITV2 but I finally have the hang of it now. As always I have been surprised by how people in the US vote.. that said, the winner of X factor in the UK this year was as sappy as David A so I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins but I just don’t get the appeal to be honest..

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