Cat Cafe in Crazy Town

Feelng throughly invigorated after yesterday’s workshop I decided to take a nice long walk, keep the body and the creative juices flowing.
I miss a lot in my small one horse town because I go everywhere by car.
Walking today I had a chance to check out the new cafe everyone has been raving about. The Cat Cafe.
This is a cafe, dedicated to cats. Yes cats, there are little kitty sofas and chairs everywhere and scratch poles, and litter boxes and of course Cats, frickin cats everywhere. Even the food is all cut into little cat shapes.
I would not want to offend anyone whtsoever in my vast readership, but I cannot cannot cannot stand cats. I don’t trust them, I always feel they are thinking mean thoughts about me. I do believe they are extremely highly evolved creatures and quite frankly, they scare me.
I have never liked them but there was once a particularly unpleasant incident, when I left my new pink and white furry hat on the newel post at a friends’ house and her siamese cat got it. Got it, badly, and neither the hat or myself, ever really fully recovered.
Bring out the dogs I say!
Suffice to say I just looked in the window and there I saw it with mine own eye, people of all shapes and sizes, sitting around little tables, eating and drinking, like they’ve all the time in the world, while cats, of every conceivable colour walk on them and sit on them and aaargh!!! nuzzle them.
I live in Crazy Town.

3 thoughts on “Cat Cafe in Crazy Town

  1. EEWWWW! I like cats well enough, but not climbing all over me while I try to have a cup of overpriced tea and a sad little excuse for a cake. Crazy town, indeed!

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