Weekend Roundup.

Relatively quiet here on the Eastern front.
I dispatched 3 kids and a cellphone off to the grandparents for the night yesterday.
They take a train and then a bus and then Granddad meets them at the bus stop and they call me. It works pretty well.
Kev was being Kev-ish all morning claiming he didn’t want to go, which meant I couldn’t use not letting him go as a threat to get him to behave, but apparently he was all sweetness and light by the time the train pulled out.
Glad of a short break from Jim. Seems like he may just be hearing his own voice for the first time ever, and he is loving the sound of it. Every fleeting, random thought he has he is sharing with me. My neighbour mistakenly invited him over for dinner the other night and he spent an hour explaining the plot of The Pink Panther, scene by scene. Don’t think he will get asked back.
That left Sunshine and I free to attend a ‘drama in the classroom’ workshop.
That would be teaching English through drama, not the usual drama of someone has a nosebleed, or ‘x’ threw ‘y’ out of the window type drama.
It was informative and a lot of fun and a great thing for us to do together.
Dinner out with the other people who did the workshop and back in time for American Idol.
Why did SO many choose Phantom songs? Gifted as he is why does Andrew Lloyd W. look like a huge toad, talking of huge, David Cook’s head? Though Dave is getting better looking by the week. Why didn’t Brooke sing something from ‘Tell Me On A Sunday’, why don’t these people run their song choices by me first?
The powers that be didn’t like Jason last night, but I did.
Bottom 3? Jason, Brooke, David A. ( nice singing but boring now).
Plants to water, rooms to tidy, books to read…….

4 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup.

  1. You know, I don’t really like David C for some reason, but I still hope he wins. Brooke drives me crazy with all that weeping and sobbing. I have never gotten the big deal about David A. If Andrew Lloyd looks like a toad, then David A sounds like one to me. Syesha(or whatever) =snore! I like Carly, but I am sick of looking at her arm. Jason always sounds the same to me. Hate the hair. Love the eyes though.

    Aren’t you glad you asked? LOL!

  2. Yes I see you too are missing the glory days of Idol 5, and ALL the eye-candy, and fabulousness it brought.
    Oh those were the days my friend.

    There isn’t much to choose from here is there, though Dave C has been blotting his face and is becoming more appealing. ( well to me, but I don’t get out much).
    Carly shrieks too much, I like Brooke but she has lost all confidence in herself, I think the pressure has got to her. Dave Asexual is boring now,
    Sayisha is hit and miss, Jason is some kind of rebel without a clue.
    Slim pickings indeed.
    Bring back he- who- shall -not- be- named I say!!!

  3. I love musicals and was very disappointed by the choices of song. Andrew Lloyd Webber is suddenly everywhere I look at the moment- he was even in Hollyoaks recently!!! Very bizarre!! The man is amazingly talented though, even if he is a bit funny looking!!

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