A Family Band.

The noise levels have been unmanagable today.
The piano has had a recent resurgence in popularity and that causes endless fights as everyone demands their turn.
( Not that they actually NEED anything specific to fight about, he’s sitting next to me, he’s looking at me, is enough)
I like that they play,I like that they are interested. They don’t have lessons they just pick tunes out of their school music books.
I mind that they play the same song over and over and over.
Those darn Saints came marching in for months. Then those Country Roads took us home, to the place we belong, but we came back and now its Oh Bloody Oh Bla Da….Oh how the life goes on.
This afternoon I had one playing it on the recorder, one on the kenban harmonica( what we used to call a ‘melodica’ and if you are using this blog to study Japanese do not ever get kenban and kenben confused. One is a stool test, one is not.).
and one on the piano.
So they were all playing Oh Bloody Oh Bla da, each at his or her own pace, stopping to correct mistakes.
Before you get a wonderful image of them all gathered in the music room like
some mutant moment where the Von Trapp Family singers meet Norman Rockwell, that is not how it was, they weren’t even in the same room.
One was upstairs lying on his bed, another was on the piano, and the other in the living room, simultaneously playing and watching ‘The Pink Panther’ on dvd.
Oh maybe I should encourage them more, the world needs a new Partridge Family.

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