Happy Hospitals.

Big day today, Sunshine and Jim both needed to see a specialist at a big University hospital, not life threatening, just consultations really so I have been putting it off
as it takes up quite a chunk of the day and I always end up fraught dealing with the beaurocracy it entails.
I was really hoping that both could be seen by Jim’s surgeon Dr Upper Rice Field,
because I like him and I have been seeing him for years ( he pierced my belly for me!)

Dr Upper Rice Field fixed Jim’s cleft and Jim sees him about once a year.
This department is called keiseigekka. Sunshine needed a consultation about what if anything could be done about a scar she has from an accident over 3 years ago.
I called the hospital. First I cannot get an appointment for Jim, which will add at least 2 hours to the usual with-an -appointment-wait of 2 hours. They no longer have the appointment system for patients who just come once or twice a year.
Okay, whatever. So then I explained Sunshine’s situation to them and asked,
” would that also be Keiseigekka’.
They said ‘no! no, no, that would be seikeigekka. Then they put me through to that department. I explain the story again, how the scar came to be, and that I simply want a consultation to find out if anything can be done to help the scarring and if so what? and is time a factor here?
They said, ‘ indeed ! Come along.’

Several calls back and forth to keisei and seikei ( with me getting totally confused with the seikei and the keisei over and over) and we establish that both specialists will be in the building , fit and ready to work this Saturday. Today infact. So today it is
So Saturday dawns, grim, grey and rainy. We head out. Once we arrive I say
I want this child to go to Keisei and this one to seikei. They check Jim’s file, he is fine I get my magic golden ticket to Hollywood that department.
Then I explain the entire story about Sunshine, again. They ask me if I have the x-rays from the previous hospital that treated her. No, no I don’t and also to the best of my knowledge, skin does not show up on X-rays so I am not sure how much use they would be anyway.
She tells me, without a referral letter from the other hospital I can’t have a consultation.
I said that I had called MANY times and explained this situation ad nauseum and no one had told me to bring letters, x-rays, life histories or anything, and why would I need an x-ray for a scar?
She said, well if its not bones I can’t go to seikei anyway.
I say, ‘where can I go?’
She says’ keisei’. I say, ‘ Same as Jim? ‘, she says ‘Yes.’ I say ‘great, can I see Dr
Upper Rice Field without all these fictitious X-rays and letters?
” Yes, no problem.”
Great, that only took an hour.

So we settled down for the long haul. I had brought Jim some activity books and I had my Val McDermid with me and Sunshine of course had her mobile phone to entertain herself.

So several hours later, Jim is in. Jim is fine, nothing to worry about. I say I am concerned about the narrowness of his upper jaw and thought that if he needs it expanding I should check out if sooner is better than later. He said we could have the hospital orthodontist look at it. I was thrilled because the hospital ortho means I can use my insurance, which in the ( likely) event he needs a brace, it will save me about 5,000 quid. A sum not to be sniffed at.
Then Dr URF, says, ‘he has all his adult teeth right?’
I said, ‘well not exactly, no, he does not have ANY adult teeth yet.’
He said, ” No adult teeth, yegods the child is almost 8, I have never heard of this before.’
I said, ‘ maybe you could document him in a paper and get rich and famous.’
He said, ‘ let’s X-ray him.’
I said, ‘ I don’t think we need to, all my kids teeth fall out ‘late’, I am hoping it works in our favour and we all have our own teeth at 92.’
He asked about the other kids ages and teeth and then we agreed I would bring him back in 6 months.
Jim is done, Jim is perfect.
Bring in Sunshine.
Now this is really cool. He took a look at her scar and then said that at this hospital they have all these leading edge procedures. And he can minimise the scar damage and the colouration of said scar with cell -regeneration.
They will take a tiny amount of subcutaneous cells from a donor site close to the scar and hopefully healthy skin, the same colour will grow from this.
WoW!! We have to wait until she has finished growing but looks very hopeful.
Meanwhile he gave her a really cool silicone patch thing to wear over the scar,
which means and end to the dressing and creams and gauze she does everyday.

So it only took 5 hours, but Jim, is fine aside from freakishly late teeth and Sunshine will have cell-regeneration surgery!!
All in all, a big day.

2 thoughts on “Happy Hospitals.

  1. i do believe that my 7 year old has lost only one tooth. possibly 2.

    good news about sunshine. nice to hear there is a nice temporary solution while she waits to stop growing and do something more.

  2. Great news for cell regeneration. Very bionic man.

    Biggie has lost three teeth so far. He’s 6 1/2. He’s quite far behind some of his friends.

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