Community Projects

Today is communal cleaning. Which unfortunatey doesn’t mean the community come to my house and help me clean, it means that at 8a.m. on this fine Sunday morn, the community gathers on the local playing field and after a few stretching exercises and a pep talk, gets down to cleaning up the neighbourhood.
They pick up any litter, of which there is very little, pull weeds from the kerbside, sweep the roads etc.
I would have gone but I had to stay home and have a cup of coffee, so The Man and 3 chicklets are out there, doing their bit for the family.
Someone is still in bed, no prizes for guessing who, but I bet she gets up in time for the ‘all- the -cake-you-can-eat’ lunch we have planned.

I am quite nervous as our family take over the awesome responsibility of the ‘gomi’
( rubbish) nets, this month. For the next 3 months it will be our job to put out the big green net we all stick our rubbish under to keep out the crows, then after the binmen have been we have to fold it up, put it back in its cubby hole and sweep the area, twice a week.
We are grateful for small mercies, as this used to be a yearly job and somehow it never got to us, but as of this year they decided to divvy it up into 3 month lots every 2 years.
So from today through the end of August we will shoulder it!!! We are the default family for all gomi matters. I just hope I can remember, this kind of stuff is not my strong suit.
I could never have joined the police force because there is no way I could ever ever remember ‘ badge and gun’ every single day. I would be chasing a crim down a back alley and suddenly remember, shit! my gun is on top of the chest of drawers.
I think that might be why I like police dramas so much, not cos they can catch the crims, but because each and every one of them has managed to remember
‘badge and gun’ ever day, I think that deserves a parade.

One thought on “Community Projects

  1. Lucky you, getting the gomi duty during the the hot stinky summer. Hopefully the nets will work and you won’t have any disgusting messes to tidy up.

    Oh, Gomi Cop, I hope you are planning to take your job as seriously as an obaatarian and will be opening the bags and digging through to make sure things are sorted properly and will give public floggings to those who don’t.

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