*PET* Bottles and gifts.

So am shopping up a storm for gifts for Doris to take to Canada with her.
The family friend that she will stay with used to live here, was here in fact just a couple of years ago, when she must have broken a world record for spending in
‘daiso’ the Japanese equivalent of the dollar store.
She spent 50,000 yen, which by my calculations is 500 items in one shot!
Oh my gosh, the things she bought…..
Living here for 10 years means she doesn’t want any of the usual souvenir stuff, the fans, the chopsticks, the cat ornaments. Her daughter is not into pokemon or digimon or Mushi King.
Lucky for us they now have a huge ‘Daiso’ in downtown Vancouver but what they don’t have is stainless steel drink bottles.
Canada has apparently banned the plastic *pet* bottles and now you can’t get the stainless type for love nor money.
The stainless type are everywhere here right now coming into the heat of summer and Japan being the ‘cute’ capital of the world, they are available in every colour, pattern, design you can think of. So drink bottles it is.
Next on the list. Heat keeping lunch boxes. Why they want them is anyone’s guess, but they want the lunch boxes that keep your food warm, they even have a little round sealed part for the miso soup.
Lucky for Doris, they don’t want anymore hot carpets, they could really weigh a girl down.
And Doris will return with Lulu Lemon stuff for me, and multi vitamins for the chicklets.
So we are all really excited. Doris will have a total of 7 days off school.
Considering how entirely bereft I felt when she spent 2 nights away at Nature’s Classroom last year, I do wonder if I can survive!!!

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