Why Kev isn’t going to Canada.

Kev wanted to know how come he isn’t going to Canada with Uncle Brick.
I said, ‘ because you are a little too young and also because Uncle Brick doesn’t speak Japanese, if you have a problem and he doesn’t understand, it will be hard for you.’
He said, but I want to go.’
I said, I know, I know, I feel your pain my sweet chickadiddy, but I will go later this year and take you with me.
He said I don’t want to go with you. I hate you. You are a big fat eggplant.
I THOUGHT!! That! That right there. That’s why you can’t go with Uncle Brick.
Besides, I am not that fat.

2 thoughts on “Why Kev isn’t going to Canada.

  1. The last, and only, time I actually saw you you were not fat at all. Tell that boy he is lucky that he has you for a mother as after a remark like that he would never get to Canada at all, even if I and the rest of the family went repeatedly. There are far meaner mothers in the world, believe me!!

  2. LOL – How i wish you lived just down the road….did you find out if it was the shape of the egg plant or the colour he was referring to …

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