Rubbish Squad Rule.

We are okay. We are fit to live in the community.
We managed the nets without a problem.
In the morning the old man who rules this town knows what is going on, came out to check and all was well, I think they are starting to trust us.
I made a special effort to get it done as soon as the gomi trucks had been. By which I mean I sent Doris out to do it at 7.10 a.m. I cannot leave the house at that time on account of not wanting to frighten the neighbours.
Tomorrow I will do it myself, but not until after the kids have left for school and I am out of my pjs.

2 thoughts on “Rubbish Squad Rule.

  1. Well, if he is going to come out and check on it anyway, why the h*ll can’t he just do it all the time. I swear, these people…!

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