Day One and Kev’s Law.

So day one of our rennovations dawned with pouring rain. Not my problem, I wont be working outside. I am going shopping, gonna shop up a storm of stuff for Doris to take to Canada, then I am meeting a friend I don’t see often enough for a long leisurely lunch at the natural food restaurant that sells the black sesame dessert that I suspect has magic mushooms in. Can’t wait! Life is good!

Is it Sod’s Law? Murphy’s Law? or just Kev’s Law. Halfway through my shopathon but before my leisurely lunch I got a call from Kev’s teacher. They were on a field trip and he threw up and now has a temp of 38.5, can I pick him up???

At first I suspected a cruel hoax, Kev doesn’t get sick. Kev can’t get sick for love nor money. It bothers him that he never gets a day off school with the lurgys and plagues that fell normal children.
Turns out it was true. Bang goes lunch. Dash back in pouring rain, shopping only half done, no lunch, pick up my car and go to the school to collect him. He was asleep in the sick bay.

Come home to find a gaping hole in the side of my house, no electricity and no water. OMG, no TV. No internet. NO PHONE!!! How will I manage?
Kev gets into bed with a little TLC then The Man comes home. I say, maybe I schreeched, I forget, “THERE”S NO ELECTRICITY!!!”
He says, ” What about the food in the freezer?”
Hadn’t thought about that.

A pneumatic drill powered by an external generator goes on ALL DAY.
Dust everywhere I wonder if I will choke to death in my own living room.
Had not really considered dirt and noise as part of the reform plan. Idiot.

Kev wakes up, says his neck hurts and his head hurts, his temp is 39.6.
My default illness panic is always the dreaded meningitis, the word strikes fear into every parent’s heart. I do the neck and leg test on the coffee table. Legs are okay, no rash. More fluids, more TLC, back to sleep.

He awakens 3 hours later, right as rain and twice as grumpy.
The elex comes back on, we watched Shrek for the 11 thousandth time.

Kev is fine but not much appetite but taking plenty of fluids. All will be well tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Day One and Kev’s Law.

  1. I often wonder in situations such as this what the teachers would do if you just said, “No, I can’t come pick him up!” then hung up and failed to answer when they ring again. Must put that on my lifetime to-do list.

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