The Sento.

The Sento is the public bathhouse. I LOVE the sento and so do the kids.
Thereis only one left in our little one horse town as almost everyone has their own bath now.
Inside is fabulous, all the old mosaic tiles, the ads on the walls hark back to the days of
4 or 5 digit phone numbers.
If you go into Osaka they have lots of new bathouses, with all sorts of fancy spas and massage machines, different types of fragrant waters, but I love this old one.
At the entrance is an elevated seat where someone collects your money and you can buy little tablets of soap or a wash cloth, tiny shampoos and conditioners.
The person in the hot seat gets a bird’s eye view of both sides the mens and the womens.
Thereare a couple of battered old bench seats you can relax on when you come out of the hot water.
The shoe boxes and lockers are all the originals with wooden lock and key devices on them that a 3 year old could break into.
So we have been frequenting it a lot in he past week as this is our bathroom.

I am really glad my boys love going, and that they go into the men’s side now.
They ahve got their little routine down, the washing, the scrubbing, the soaking, then out into their pjs and they sit down with a cold drink and a comic while Doris and I are still fannying around onthe other side the wall.
Sunshine does not come with us , she is at that funny age when she would rather have full body piercing than take a bath with her Mum and little sister 😉

5 thoughts on “The Sento.

  1. Sorry to sound so very English…. but do you actually take all your clothes off and wash in other peoples soapy water….? I’m with sunshine with the full body piercing !…but I’m sure i would love the wooden seat and the mosaic tiles…

  2. I’ll take you when you come Withering.
    There is no soapy water, no soap allowein the bath.
    It’s a little bit like the Royal Baths in Hgte. Its a large tiled room with a number of baths, ours has 5 plus a steam room.
    2 large very very hot ones, a jacuzzi type one that has a herb or a fruit essence in it, an electric one and a cold plunge pool.
    All around are taps and showers. First you sit on a little stool (yes,naked) and get washed and shampoo’d etc, then ( with not a trace of soap left) you go in and out of the baths. The same principle applies at the ‘onsen’ ( spa) baths tht are all over the country.
    Trust me it’s great.

  3. Oh, dear Lord above!! You are one of those sento/onsen-ing foreigners?! First the whole He Who Must Not Be Named thing and now this? I may have to reconsider our relationship. LOL!

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  5. My mother lived in Japan for a while, and even though she has a lot of “hang-ups” about
    nudity and bathing, she loved the baths. She said that even though other people were in them, she still felt clean. And that’s high praise coming from her.

    If I remember correctly, she also said that the baths are coed. Is that right?

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