This appears to be the very latest game for kids.
For whatever reason some cars now have a new kind of number plate, it is black
( kuro) with yellow ( kiiro) lettering.
It can be played by pedestrians but seems to be played largely from in the car.
What you do is keep your eyes peeled for a car with this kind of plate, if you see one, you screech ‘ KUROKI’ in my ear, and then clap twice and ‘ frame’ the plate with your fingers.

I am not making this up.

4 thoughts on “Kuroki.

  1. oh my god, my kids and husband have been doing that for MONTHS and MONTHS now. we’ll be silently driving down the road, i am totally lost in my thoughts and SUDDENLY someone will shout KUROKI!!!!!!

    no one is upset by the intrusion…. but should I suddenly say something in the silence…. I am SCORNED for being screechy and noisy.

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