Not The Best Of Days.

So to go with what I believe will be my new improved organised house I decided I will become a new improved organised person.
I have to shakken ( M.O.T) my car every two years and I always ( surprise surprise) leave it until the last minute, but not this year, I took it in today to make a reservation to get the estimate so they could book me a loaner in good time, so imagine my surprise when we discovered that my shaken actually expired 3 weeks ago, I could have sworn it was up in July. I have been driving illegally for 3 weeks.
They took the car in and after lots of insisting to an incidentally hot chappie I got a lttle ‘K’ reg loaner, which is like a Honda with a hairdryer engine.
It will be ready on Sunday by which point I will have apparently found 1,000
pounds of hitherto hidden funds to pay the man with.
The afternoon brought further joy when the health inspectors came around to check I was regularly vacuuming the septic tank ( I think), not myself of course with a dyson, but having the professional shit suckers come in and do it. Having not ever ever had it done or known that it was required, I enquired as to what the thought ‘regularly’ is. Once a year apparently. I now have an appointment to have 7 years worth of ‘it’ vacuumed out tomorrow at 12 noon sharp, how many people can make that claim.
Kev went out looking for dung beetles, like we don’t have enough dung issues right now and didn’t come back till after dark. While I was looking for him, Jim slipped out to see a fire engine that had parked in the park, by 8 O’clock everyone had been repatriated.

2 thoughts on “Not The Best Of Days.

  1. the fun just never stops around your house. I will send The Boy to you for potty training if you want to round out your dung portfolio!

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