The New Athletic Me.

So young Doris has joined a city basketball team and judging from the amount of hours she is expected to attend practice, I think she’ll be on the Olympic squad in Beijing.
Of course it isn’t enough to turn up and fill in the forms and do my share of clean up duties and make packed lunches and buy a uniform and T shirts. She wants shoes too.
As there is no decent sports’ shop in our one horse town I said we would go to the huge one near Baa Chan’s ( Grandma’s) house this weekend.
Taking Doris to a sports shop is like taking me to IKEA, the way she feels going in is, I think, how she imagines she’ll feel when her real mother comes for her.;)
After half an our in there looking for fancy bags to carry fancy balls in, sweat bands, wrist bands, shoes etc, I found myself quite taken with the idea of expensive running shoes and mabe, just maybe a track suit. Of course I would never in a million years buy Nike or Adidas or any of the other labels that use slave labour, unless of course it was in a half price sale.
I could though really see myself in the go-faster shoes and a trim little track suit, ipod on, waterbottle tucked into one of those expensive little water bottle holders, running laps around the local track, maybe even jogging up the mountain and back before preparing my chicklets a delicous homemade breakfast. If I timed it right I could get back just in time to pull the bread from the oven…..
But, by the time Doris had selected her goods and I had come out of my reverie I was just too tired to bother.

2 thoughts on “The New Athletic Me.

  1. what kind of basketball shoes did our young doris end up with???

    does she have a famous american team??? perhaps i could find her a jersey down at the salvation army and send it her way.

    love, me.

  2. renaisanceronin,
    Thanks so much for that, I was just wondering what on earth had happened.
    I don’t care who wrote ‘Paradox.. I love it and think a lot of people got something of it.
    Drop by again.

    So excited was Dors at the prospect of a real basketball jersey she almost choked on her isotoni sports drink.

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