For anyone who reads this and believes in the power of prayer, positive thinking, or just an Andy Sipowicz way of ‘having a good thought for’, please have a go for our friend T.Rex.
A good friend, a great man and all round terrific human being is suddenly, shockingly in the hospital and fighting the fight against some nasty stuff.
So if you are a believer give him a thought would you? and if you aren’t, give him one anyway what harm would it do?

2 thoughts on “T.REX

  1. Hey, when we find our knees at the end of the day, a word on behalf of a “fellow traveler” can’t hurt, right?

    No matter what your G_d’s name is, the positive energy can’t do any harm. In fact, to believers, the “power of prayer” can spark healings that docs can’t explain.

    Let’s hope that your pal gets a “blast of blessings,” and finds his feet again soon…

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