Maybe The Problem Lies With Mrs North River.

Today is kojinkondankai, parent -teacher meetings. The day when I get to go to the school and glow in the glory of my perfect children. I have never really figured out the point of them,( the parent teacher meetings, not the kids) because if there is an actual problem it wouldn’t it be better dealt with there and then rather than waiting for the kondan to roll around. If there isn’t, why go? as the teacher’s goals for my kids rarely meet mine.
The teacher seems to be striving for high academic achievement, I just hope they don’t kill each other on the way to school, particularly Kev and Jim who these days have taken to just beating each other up all the time.
Recently Jim has got quite an attitude on him. This shocks me cos he has always been the sweet, butter wouldn’t melt type. The other kids say he has always had an attitude I was just blinded by the light bouncing off his halo.
So I was pondering what the teachers might say to me today, wondering if Mrs North River had seen some of this ‘new’ attitude in class, when it dawned on me;
Back in 6t grade, Sunshine had A LOT of attitude and she was in Mrs North River’s class, last year Kev was in her class and let’s just say there was attitude, I would give more details but my doctor says it is best not to relive it and if I have forgotten stuff it is probably because it is too awful for my mind to manage, self preservation if you will.
And now, here we are with young Jimmy mouthing off every chance he gets, IN MRS NORTH RIVER’s CLASS, are you seeing a link???;)
Perhaps, my kids are as perfect as I originally suspected and this wolf in sheep’s clothing is molding them into monsters???;)

3 thoughts on “Maybe The Problem Lies With Mrs North River.

  1. I wonder what Mrs. North River is doing to the children? You should go spy on her.

    I hate those meetings! I just want to tell Mrs. What`s-her-name off (it`s been 2 yrs and I still can`t remember her name).
    Our school schedules these meetings during summer vacation. I refused to go and told them “we are on vacation”, so I`ll be having the dreaded meeting next Tuesday.

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