In Hindsight……

I may have been better off labelling the boxes. Here I am with 2 rooms packed to the rafters with cardboard boxes and taking potluck on what might be in them. I hate it when stuff like this happens. I started off writing on the boxes but I don}t know what happened, I got bored I suppose , bored of writing things like crap from the kitchen, crap from the living room, etc, and then I couldn{t keep track of the marker, and now I am in a bit of a mess, seems I could have avoided this by being just slightly ,everso slightly frickin organised.
Like the time I decided to create my own address book, customizing each page with pictures and quotes and poems cut out of books and magazines. It looks really good, original, creative, personal, well done me, BUT, it wasn{t till it was finished that I saw the wisdom in alphabetising????Its not like the alpahbetic order is not etched into my brain, there is a reason why, when you buy an address book, it comes with A at the beginning andZ at the end. This is so that you can find numbers and addresses you need simply by flicking to the relevent page, and not, as I am reduced to, turning each page over and scanning through the pictures and stickers and pasted in bits of paper in the hope that I can unearth the information I require.
Now I am on a Japanese keyboard and you{ll notice I have lost my apostrophe.

6 thoughts on “In Hindsight……

  1. When we moved I found many boxes with , “misc. kitchen crap” “misc. bedroom crap” etc . I didn’t have to write “bedroom” or “kitchen” as the boxes from the moving company had those words printed on them (Japanese of course) so all I had to do was check the box and write “crap.” Very time saving. Maybe I should suggest to them they print a box with “crap” on it to check off. Whatta ya think?

    Of course, everything that DH owns was marked “super crap.”

  2. LOL @ Sherry.
    I sometimes lose my apostrophe too-try hitting the colon, asteriks key-that`s where mine usually is.

    I learned to pack from Flylady(at least I think that is where I got it from). Basically number the box and keep a master list of what is in each numbered box. Works like a charm. So when I am looking for 25 assorted junky coffee mugs, I check the master, see that it is box #10 and then just find the box. Just don`t lose that master list!

  3. my asterix /colon key is my apostrophe too!!!! (cap is quotes”””””)

    i thought my wiring was screwed up….turns out the whole country is screwed up.

    tikitiki… last time I was in the states, I SO wanted to buy a whole package of multi-colored sharpies… maybe this time I should!!!!!

  4. oh lordie, yes! it was always one of my first purchases until my sister started stealing them from her office for me…. and now they have these little tiny ones you can hang around your neck (perfect for you-know-who with the boxes) or decorate your xmas tree with.

  5. What is a SHARPIE ?

    ”””””””thanks gals, you were right.

    Sherrywk, I saw your placw 4 minutes after you moved in, it was immaculate!!!!

    I wish I had just thrown everything out!!!

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