Blending In.

So, last Saturday there was a big Dodgeball Taikai at a local sports ground.
The kids brought home a leaflet about it from school and both Kev and Jim really wanted to go. I wanted them to be able to go because I thought it would be a lot of fun for them and also because Kev never actively wants to do anything that involves joining in, he is for the most part uninterested in team games or anything with rules.
Just this week Kev has also developed a sudden interest in reading The Magic Tree House books, so 2 interests in a week is not to be sniffed at.

It started a 1.00 pm, so I could take them, but then it finished at 4.00 and I was working until 5.00. So I told them they could only go if I could find someone to pick them up. They agreed.
My fist thought was our friend Rits, wife of Uncle Brick. I was reluctant to ask as she has a small child and is pregnant, but she lives just around the corner from the ground and could just drop the boys off at my school, no babysitting required.
I told Jim , I would ask Rits.
He says, why can’t Rits take us?
I said, that there was no need for her to take them, I can take them myself.
But Rits lives nearby, it’s easy for her..
Not really if she has to come all the way over here and get you, then drive back to the other side of town.
” She wont mind”, he says.
I’m sure she wont, but I mind, I’m not going to ask someone, especially someone who already has their hands full, to do something we can do ourselves.
‘But I want Rits to take us…’
This went on for quite some time as things with Jim are want to do, till eventually I asked him the searching and fearless questions.
“Why do you want Rits to take you?”
He said, ” Because then they wont know we are gaijin.” ( non-Japanese).
There he said it, it was out in the open, being seen in public with me leads to
humiliation for the boy.
I know I should feel a bit sad about it but I think it’s quite funny. I mean, have you seen him?

Yeah! Without me honey, you really blend..

Yeah! Without me honey, you really blend..

3 thoughts on “Blending In.

  1. LOL-Kenta is always going on and on about how he is Japanese and has black hair. He says that he is Japanese and Sherry`s DD is not. (they were born in the same hospital-both with Japanese fathers)

  2. LOL at ditoh. Oh, Kenta and that Japanese thing just kills me. If he is basing his Japaneseness on hair color point out to him that MJ’s hair is actually much darker than his although it is not black.

    So far neither of my kids has declared their nationality to me. Guess I have that to look forward to, although MJ says she is Japanese and English. Japanase is spoken in Japan and English is spoken in England, duh!

  3. holy crap.. that is not the face of the little boy that I met 3 years ago.

    he has changed SO MUCH!!!!!

    my kids would rather not have such light hair.
    they would rather not be different
    they would prefer not to be referred to as gaijin.
    they are japanese through and through but can’t wait for capt’n crunch with crunch berries when we get to the states.

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