Crap at more stuff.

It’s great, I have discovered that I am crap at so many things, I thought it was just a few insignificant things like, directions, oraganisation, child rearing etc, but as it turns out, I can’t make paper cranes either.
We had an optimistic goal of 1000 by Thursday, which we have modified to a more reachable goal of 23.
Sunshine can make them well but she is in the middle of exam week so of course she is asleep on the floor with her ipod on her head and her mobile phone welded to her hand. Doris is good but a bit sick of explaining it. Jim is doing his best but I don’t think his or mine will make it to the final.
Kev isn’t even trying.

4 thoughts on “Crap at more stuff.

  1. well. something good to say about church here (gimme that old time religion!!!) my friend Sally and I used to fold our church bulletin into paper cranes during the sermon….. I have been making cranes FOREVER!!!!!

    how about enlisting the kids at your school to help out…

  2. The next time someone pulls a gun on you and demands you fold a paper crane or die you are really f***ed, aren’t you?

    Who is sick that needs 1000 paper cranes or for what other cause are we folding paper?

  3. I did enlist the help of the kids at my school and Ruby and her friends, between 4.30 and 8.00pm, 240 cranes were produced, i am stoked.

    Sherry, it’s a friend of mine, in the hospital. I went to see him and his daughters were folding and Ruby helped, it wasn’t till I was walking home that I connected it and realaised they were making sen basuru. I am seeing him again on Thursday so was hoping I could add a good chunk and looks like I will be able to.

  4. Hope your friend gets out of the hospital soon.

    Don’t you just wish that once in a while they could do things the simple way here? Like buy a get well card and be done with it?! But then there would be no gaman-ing involved and what would be the value of that? SIGH!

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