More Rain

No, I am not surprised, it is the rainy season, or the rainy season has just started or just stopped or something, doesn’t matter, it rains for weeks before the season is officially declared open, and goes on for weeks after it has been declared over.

It is absolutely pouring down, thundering, monsoon like torrential downpour and my child, not naming names, is walking to school with no umbrella. Why? Because he was so busy having a hissy fit about how big his portion of the apple was and how there was no bacon and how he hates me and how he isn’t going to school anyway and how he isn’t wearing his wellies, that he missed the slim window of opportunity on scoring one of only two brollies we could find this morning.

Before coming to Japan I had never, ever, ever, bought an umbrella, not because of the warm sunny English climate I come from, loads of rain in England, especially in the summer, but because I don’t mind getting wet.
Here, in our district, the kids are required to have 3 umbrellas each. One at home, one at school and a folding one to take on school trips. I buy approx. 12 umbrellas a year. Where are they all? They are all at school I believe, I think there is probably a cupboard somewhere entirely dedicated to umbrellas left behind by this family.
I am once more reminded of the line in Ab Fab, where Jennifer Saunders says to Zaphie, ‘ I’m sorry but as your Mother I cannot be responsible for your welfare’.
I am now awaiting a call from the school where they ask me to pop down with some dry clothes.

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