Summer Hols.

They are almost upon us again, seem to come round pretty blooming quickly.
Today is the last day for school lunch, then tomorrow and Friday they come home twenty minutes before they leave the house and then, 6 solid weeks of heat and kids.
heat and kids, heat and kids. Oh what fun we’ll have.
There is a tentative promise of perhaps a Wii being purchased for the good among us.
So they have drawn up their requests. I told them all I wanted all requests for the
holiday entertainment in writing on my desk by Tuesday.
Requests include…
Camping at Kansai cycling centre. ( Heat, kids and bikes).
Sanroku amusement park ( heat, kids, billions of pounds)
Cinema ( I like this one, air conditioned building and no talking, think we’ll make multiple runs to the cinema)
Watashino shigoto kan ( a kind of interactive work experience place where the kids can choose to try different jobs or make things)
At above place, Doris wants to make a watch, Jim wants to be a fireman for a day and Kev wants to stack shelves in the pretend supermarket?
The local pool. ( good one, very cheap, 2 minutes from the house pool on the mountain lots of shade)
Oh I see days and days of fun ahead………….

3 thoughts on “Summer Hols.

  1. Sigh! How quickly summer comes around indeed! Take heart my friend. At least you weren’t stupid enough to agree to go home for a 5 week visit when your father offered to pay for the tickets (no small thing that!) because you know the last trip home wasn’t horrible enough to last for the next decade. So, I not only get the kids, the heat (Texas you know) and all the general summer “fun” I get to take two nightmare trips across the Pacific and then have “quality time” with the smelly rellies. See, look at the bright side. There is always someone more stupid than you think you are out there!

    After our return to Japan I may be moving again – to the Chiba Psychiatric Hospital. Will you come visit me? It is near Ikea and Costco!

  2. Yeah I’ll come visit.
    Remember keep your expectations low, real low!!
    You might even be pleasantly surprised, though I must admit I don’t envy you those flights….you could always recuperate here on your way back before checking into the clinic??

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