Day 2. So Far So Good

Day 2 and all is calm.
I have been pottering around outside, watering plants etc, enjoyed a cup of coffee and a fag outside and started my new Ben Elton book, ‘Chart Throb.
I read somewhere he is doing stand up again, must see if I can procure a dvd, before I finish the book, ‘ Not Buying It’ and decide that I too will buy nothing for 1 year.
Kev got up at 6.30 in good cheer, I don’t even smell the tension of storm clouds gathering, could be a peaceful day.
Doris and Jim have a Tae Kwon Dou tournament, so must pop off and capture on kodak.
Sunshine is off managing a swim team tournament then a karoke event.
The Man is off today, a whole day off after weeks of 18 hour days.

2 thoughts on “Day 2. So Far So Good

  1. It’s as if you have completely forgotten that your house was rennovated recently. Where are the dang photos, friend??? Of the wash room and the new living room space!!! Put down the books, pout the fag and give us a few more shots, eh? For the loved ones far away.

  2. I kind oif have Tiki, though I do obsessively wipe down the counter tops and wash the bathroom floor and dry all the walls everyday. The floor sweeping will have to stop too.
    Thing is I have been so busy with work, getting the boxes unpacked and stuff put away is taking a really long time, so any photos right now will just be of half packed/unpacked boxes everywhere, kind of how it was the very first time you came to my house!!
    I am teaching an intensive course this week and up the wazoo workwise, but from next week the schedule is scaled back and I hope to get on it…Oh except I am off to stay at Jacadamia’s for a few days.
    My cousins arrive on the 19th of August so that is my deadline for getting somewhat organised.

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