Hooray for the Holidays.

Here we are, at 8.52 a.m. on what is officially the first day of the summer hols, six weeks of me and the chicklets just laffin and singing and chillin’ YEAH!

So far on our big chill this morning I keep hearing Jack Bauer’s voice in my ear, saying ” this is the longest day of my life”.
I have just come out of 30 minutes self-imposed exile in the loo so I could take the chance to sit down and read The Explosive Child by Ross W. Greene PhD. I skipped straight over sypmtoms and scenarios and went straight for STRATEGIES.
Hoping I can come up with a good one before Angry Kev gets back from looking for his ball in the park.
Aside from Jack Bauer’s voice I think I am hearing my dead grandmother too, something about stable doors and bolted horses, late days and a dollar shortage or something.
Next I am going to find my diary and count exactly how many days left until they go back and measure this against the remainding length of my tether and calculate how I might have to pace myself.

2 thoughts on “Hooray for the Holidays.

  1. day one…..

    the fine young son colored in 3 somethings as proof of brushing his teeth 3 times today… I suggested that he color in a bunch of them…

    fine old son left early to return tomorrow evening… so 2 kids instead of 3 is a whole lotta less “tension”

    how come I am not in your blog roll?????

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