Day 3. Still Quiet on the Eastern Front.

A Good day yesterday with only mini meltdowns. We had our first BBQ of the season and the kids did some fireworlks.
I can never quite get past my fear of kids and fireworks. I think I may have mentioned here before that even little 2 year olds are given sparkler type fireworks to run around with. The first time I witnessed it was at a neighbourhood festival one summer when Sunshine was about 2. Hundreds of kids dashing about in long highly flammable yukkatas waving their sparklers. I have never quite gotten used to it.
There are 2 sort of public service announcements, etched into my brain from childhood. One is about not buying fireworks under the age of 16 and never ever ever for any reason going back to a lit firework or your entire arm and possible your head too will be blown off.
The other is Jimmy Savile’s, ‘clunk-click, every trip’, the clunk of the car door, the click of the seat belt, even if you are only going up the street, or you could end up paralysed for life in Stoke Mandeville hospital.
Then here we are in Japan with 2 year olds running around with fireworks and then those same two year olds in cars with no seat belt on. I could win fear factor just for keeping my eyes open on a daily basis.

Anyhow. Kev and Doris went out to play ball at 5.30 a.m. , before it gets too hot. They ran off laughing, people will think they are loving siblings.
have checked cinema listings and wonder if kids would rather see Kung-Fu Panda or Happening, which I think is the new M. Knight Shamalamalya
or something, guy who wrote Signs and 6th Sense etc, and I have loved all of his films. ( especially Signs) ….still I think Kung-Fu Panda will win.

Oh the gomi truck his here must go man the net….

7 thoughts on “Day 3. Still Quiet on the Eastern Front.

  1. “The Happening”…not so good IMO. Death, death, death. And not even enough of a plot to make it worthwhile. I like his other works, too, but this one was a letdown. Don’t waste your yen πŸ˜‰

  2. Well, hello there! Doing just fine, thanks! How about you? I see you all have blogs, too, so I’ll be checking those out πŸ˜‰

    Yep, can’t get enough of the movies πŸ˜€ “Panda” looks like a winner!

  3. Oh yeah, i mean it is just blog city these days, eh? do you get the feeling we have hijacked miss what’s her name’s blog in fact? i recently watched amadeus with the kids and we loved it. gotta have them movies —

    you could do an impressive blogjob yourself! let us know when its up and running. ha!

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