Day 4 All is Well AND Lily Rush

Oh the peace! The quiet, the stillness. Almost 7 and I am the only one up. How can this be? except The Man of course who left for work a couple of hours ago.
Ah yes, I remember, the boys have gone to the Out-laws for a couple of days, while I work a summer course, the proceeds of which Kev and Jim have already allocated to their ” Buy Wii’ campaign, and which I am allocating to the ‘ Go Canada’ fund.
I polled The Chipsters and it seems they would rather see KF Panda, ( thanks Tiki for the Kentucky Fried image 😉 ) than Happening or The Happening or whatever, but thanks for the heads up Trij.

The great news is, that after my long long long day of toil, I shall finish at around 8 pm and zip the gals to a local eatery for dins, then home, quick shower and Yay! at last, the lovely, the wonderful, the adorable Lily Rush is back with season 2 of Cold Case, starting at 10 pm. I hope I can stay awake long enough to watch it, what a fabulous end to a busy but productive and interesting working day.
After 10 pm I am in the grey zone, I might make it through another 45 minutes of good TV but there really aren’t any guarantees and the other night attempting to watch something about Chairman Mao and The Great Leap Forward on the History Channel from 10, was a huge huge mistake.

Well hopefully tonight I will make it through, and then go to bed wrapped in the warm glow of Lily’s goodness.

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