A Very Pleasant Week.

An intense week workwise is over and all in all it went very well and I enjoyed it.
The chicklets were superb. I told them it was just for a week and could they suck it up and be nice and helpful and Ye Gawds, they were, they did, they were fab.
Sunshine evn woke up for a few brief moments and folded some laundry.
The other three have been to the pool every afternoon and Kev has found something that interests him; the staff at the pool are letting him make the 5 O’clock announcement on the tannoy.
I was there for the first one on Wednesday and he did it well, according to Doris he has since honed his act and is including subtle nuance and dramtic pauses. Go Kev.
And now, as I type , the lad has awoken and come downstairs and with arms outstretched come to me for a HUG. Aliens have snatched my son!!
I usually have to bribe him to let me hug him and I wrap him up in my hammy arms while he stands with his body rigid as if expecting blows from a butter paddle.
The voices I hear today tell me a brand new day is dawning.

7 thoughts on “A Very Pleasant Week.

  1. it is amazing how the vacation relaxes kids. school can be a lot of pressure, even if it is not all outright. kids need to have days with nothing to do. good for the soul.

  2. i don’t mean NOTHING to do but you know, nothing so planned out and rigid. i noticed how relaxed we all were on our recent vacation together and it feels nice. school is tough.

  3. nope. i’ve always been logged in as tik tiki. that’s “YAMORI.” that’s my handle. 10-4. i am a gecko sitting on the wall watching the world pass by not a bad luck charm that looks like a face on a japanese toilet from the brady bunch….

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