Gals in Japan, if you haven’t already had one, get yourself to the nearest conbini and get a PAPICO. It is a sort of coffee-ish, chocolate-ish, ice cream, they are absolutely delish, only 126 yen, and in this heat, they hit the spot much better than a crappy Mount rainier Latte at 148 yen.

I won one in a kuji the other day and haven’t looked back since. The kids are milking my new addiction for all its worth and the local combini has sold out twice.

The first time I had one I got instant ice-cream head, I hadn’tr had ice-cream head for many years, had forgotten how much it hurts. Then a couple of days later I got it again, then again. I wondered why I was suddenly prone to ice-cream head, after years of being free of it , did I have a tumour? An aneurysism, maybe something only Dr. House could diagnose by making the link between the ice-cream and the pain but as of Wednesday night he was lying in a pool of his own vomit, so might not ‘be there for me’ as it were. Then I realised the sudden onset was due to the sudden onset of ice cream eating, until recently I hadn’t had an ice cream in ages.

I will suffer the pain, Papico will get me through this summer.

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