Red Hooded Sweatshirt.

It’s interesting isn’t it how some things, a shared joke, a shared moment, a song, stands the test of time. For my friend, whom I’ll call ‘ Aura’ it is Adam Sandler circa about 1996 singing Red Hooded Sweatshirt, while the whole song is great, hilarious, it’s the ’50 cotton and the 50 poly’ that got us, still gets us.
Aura and I had our first babies about 6 months apart, I was there when her first son was born, there was a closeness, a connection.
Then Aura and her husband and infant son left Japan and went off to lead an idyliic life in the the woods of Woodstock. They haven’t been back to Japan, I still haven’t got back to the States, so our friendship was just sitting there, existing but waiting to fully happen.
Now, miraculously, fabulously, it has woken up, we are reconnecting, seeing where we are, how far we’ve come and learning we have arrived in very similar places, via dramatically different routes.
And all the time, hanging in there with us was Adam, Redhooded Sweatshirt,
50 cotton/50 poly.
Really good to be back Aura.

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