Dondoko Matsuri

A wonderful time was had by all. It is so much easier now the kids are a bit older. Sunshine went with her deito, and we got to see him for the first time.
She wore a beautiful yukata that we bought for her two years ago. The first time we had actually bought her one from the kimono shop and the professional ladies put it on for her.
They don’t make housecalls so she availed herself of Mrs Tanaka’s kindness, and she looked gorgeous.
The others went around and around the games and stalls, sometimes with me, sometimes with friends and sometimes with each other.
It is so close to the house I was able to pop back for a little respite from the heat and crowds.
My friend ‘ Jinko’ and her kids came back afterwards and we sat around chatting, then the kids suddenly remembered the 60 balloons they had filled with water earlier, like some kind of evil mutant Blue Peter project.
So we went over to the little park, I thought to watch the kids pelt each other with the balloons, how stupid am I ?, the kids had other plans and Jinko and I were soaked to the skin in seconds.
Once all the balloons were used up they filled up the plastic bags they had carried them in and pelted us and each other.
Dripping wet we realised we had only 20 minutes to dash back, get changed and get Jinko to where she had parked her car before it closed up for the night.
Another excellent day.

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