Gavin and Stacey.

Despite a dodgy start, today turned out to be brilliant.
I went to work and my back was on the cusp of going out, which has happened several times, and means I have lay flat on it for several days, and seriously reduce my liquid intake because going to the loo is very very difficult.
So despite having loads to do I was trying to find a way to justify lying on the
sofa for a few hours.
I opened yet another box to unpack and found an unopened envelope inside which during the renno, it must have gone straight from the letterbox to a packing box. Post is Doris’ job, she isn’t here today so I will beat her senseless when she gets back from Uncle Brick’s.
So inside the envelope was a few dvds of British TV that my dear friend Onn had sent me lord knows how long ago.
That was all the excuse I needed. The boys went off to the pool, Sunshine and her never ending narcolepsy was asleep, so I spent the afternoon on the sofa watching Gavin and Stacey. Typically great British TV, real, accessible, flawed characters, a terrific script.
Another great day.
Thanks Onn.
She also sent me, Peep Show and Clocking Off, is my back still hurts tomorrow, I may just have to give in and get back on the sofa.

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