Weekend roundup.

It has been a stellar week, can’t complain.
We went to a great water park Thursday . it has great slides, and boats to come down in, was neither too crowded nor too expensive, and we had a super day there. Planning to go back soon.
It was an achievement on the houkou onchi front ( directionally impaired)
I set off, with 3 of my kids and another fabulous little girl, who goes by the name of ‘Walnut’, I was not enitirely sure how to get there and did not have a map I just tried to trust there there would be a sign, and there was. I didn’t even freak out about the return trip, figured I I would just turn left where I had turned right before etc.
There was a moment when I took the correct return road and it was one way, but i did not panic, I simply presumed that if I headed in the direction of the main road I would eventually get to it, and I did. Go fearless me!!
Not quite the achievement of a brave friend who recently moved to Beirut and is driving all over the shop now, but a small step for this womankind nevertheless.
Where will I go next I wonder.
Here I will put out a shout for my dear friend from Nagasaki who is back in the US for the summer…I am missing you.

Watched an episode of ‘Clockwork’ hot damn it is good telly, very good telly. Can’t wait to watch more.
I watched ‘Double Jeopardy with Sunshine, I had seen it before but she hadn’t, love it, Tommy Lee and Ashley what a great combo.
Also rented ‘Holiday’ again, Jude and Jack another great combo and would not like to have to chose between them, surely there is a universe that would give me them both?

Tomorrow we’ll be having a BBQ to celebrate my Father-in-Law’s 74th birthday.
It is always good to see the outlaws, they are great folk, the sister and family will come too and everyone will be able to gape at our fab rennovation.
the kids will get to play with the cousins, which doesn’t happen often enough,
and cousins are very thin on the ground this generation. I remember I grew up with dozens , absolutely dozens, of all ages, most of them were older than us, and we lived overseas a lot, but still there was a feeling of a wide and embracing family structure, which my kids don’t have.
That said, Sunshine went out in public with the BF in town the other day. I am quite recognisable in our little ton and virtually everyone knows us, so whatever she does, wherever she goes, someone will tell me. Not in a malicious way, just, ‘oh by the way I saw Sunshine in the book shop/department store/family plannning clinic e.t.c.
I mentioned to her how many people mentioned to me that they had seen her and she said it’s great, it made her feel safe, like the whole village was raising her, and I felt really good, that I have help create such a village for my kids and for all the kids who are in our lives regularly.

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