So I ordered what looked to be some great organic coffee from the co-op and when it came it was coffee beans. I had no idea. I don’t have a grinder so I decided I must go out and buy one soon. Costco does a huge bag of coffee with hazlenut too, but I never buy it because I have no grinder….
So on Friday we headed over to another town to their summer festival. We have been going there every summer for about 4 years, because our friend Trijbits lives there and I can catch up with her, and also cos she always reminds me when it’s on.
I dropped the chicklets at the festival and then drove around the corner to park my car at Trijbit’s house. I popped in for a quick coke and a catch-up. Imagine my surprise when she handed me a ‘congratulations on your rennovation’ gift.
And what was? Yes!!! An electric coffee grinder. I love it Mrs trij and I love you too.
Thanks so much.
The festival was excellent, it isn’t as big as the one in our town so it is more manageable, we found a place to sit and could watch the Hawaiian dancers, other friends were there too and we met some fun and interesting new people.
Kids in the lovely yukata’s were running around freely.
I thought about how simple it all is, just families out having a good time, no dangers, no worries, food, drink, games, music, a sense of community, even though it isn’t technically ‘my’ community.
An excellent time.

One thought on “Manifesting.

  1. i do believe that it is your community. I do not believe that the community always accepts us, but that we are in our community. and the sooner “they” accept that, the better.

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