Today Is The Day

The long awaited day arrives, the day the cousins come to Japan.
I am so excited, I have had lots and lots of friends visit in the 18 years I have been here, but very few family members.
So things will be busy , we are going to the beach for a couple of days on Thursday and The Man has four days off. ( Yes, those four days are his annual holiday).
They are planning to visit Hiroshima and Tokyo too.
We will go and stay the night in a temple over at Koya San, and take in the onsen at Kurama in Kyoto, if the season is still on we can eat somen on the river at one of the restaurants where the noodles come flying down a chute to your table.
It is always interesting re-seeing Japan through a visitors eys, it is easy to forget what seems weird or wonderful about this country.

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