The Beach

We had a few enjoyable days at a beach in Wakayama. The weather didn’t look very beachworthy when we left but things picked up. The water wasn’t too cold either and the chicklets were in almost all day.
We rented a wooden cabin type thing and had a BBQ, there was a gang of wild tanukis around as well and I hoped they hadn’t got word that one of their brethren had bitten it by our house.
Day two was warm but cloudy, one of the cousins, let’s call her Edward, claimed to have seen a coffee shop a long a road we had driven down the day before.
The man and the kids were all fishing so we set off on what turned out to be an intense mountain trek that failed to yield anything remotely resembling a cup of coffee.
We went back down to the shore, where the chicks had caught about 20 fish.
being the good Mama and over involved parent that I am my first thought was, who is going to hold the pot of fish all the way home? A close second was who is going to gut all those fish.
Cousin 2, Victor had a go with the fishing rod but was unsuccessful and it appeared in our absence the kids had established some kind of rule, that no success in the first 90 seconds and you lost the right to hold the rod.
Edward was more successful, but she was so surprised that she actually caught anything, she swung around, nearly taking out 3 peoples eyes with hook and fish and then almost fell off the jetty.
Hook, lines and sinkers we headed back.
Dinner, I think it goes without saying was fish.

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