A suzumebatchi, commonly known as potentially fatal stinging Asian hornet ( or something like that), came in MY garden on Sunday, without as much as a ‘by your leave’, flew around us, as The Man said ‘ keep still keep still’ a few gazillion times.
I felt its wings against my arms, then it landed on my face and wandered around the outside of my mouth. I don’t think I have ever been so scared in my life.
I had just eaten a jelly bean, The Man said it could smell the sugar, so I guess sugar is bad for you.

Oh I have! I forgot, years ago in Bangkok, a gang of us went over to a friend’s apartment for the evening, we left in the early hours to find a pack of wild dogs at the end of the road. The tough guys in the group said, ‘just keep on walking slowly’, we did they came closer and closer, sniffing around our legs, I thought of my poor Mother and how she would hear that I met an untimely death from a pack of wild dogs in a back street of Bangkok, and how many times had she told me never ever to walk home at night, always call a taxi.

3 thoughts on “Suzumebatchi!

  1. …I think he was just sending a you friendly ‘dont mess with me’ warning …he had heard about the Tanuki, the beetle and the fish….and the dogs.

    Where does” not so much as a by your leave” come from …anyone ?!

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