Let’s have a bath!

Today we are hot footing to north Kyoto, we’ll take the cable car way up the mountain to Kurama Onsen.
Right at the top there is a beautiful bath where you can enjoy a hot soak and take in the splendid views.
I was there in January once years ago with a friend, it was so good to sit in the hot bath while snow fell on the trees around us.
Definitely no snow today as our regularly scheduled uber hot weather is back with us now
but it’ll be good all the same.
There are some restaurants that serve somen noodles on the river. The tables are on wooden platforms that float on the river and the noodles coming flying down a long chute from the kitchen. My information guide says a lot of those places stop serviong after Obon so we might not be able to sample it, but Plan B is falafel at Demachiyanagi.
Tiktiki I will be thinking of you!
Photos to follow, though not of the bath as my cousins have requested I do not post pictures of them naked in the bath all over the internet! Some people!!

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