School’s In

The long holiday is over, the chicklets went back to school, the second term of the school year here.
It all went without a hitch, everyone had done their homework, everyone located what they needed on Sunday night, everyone seems quite glad to be back.
This year’s holiday flew by, it really did, compared to last year’s that lasted 100 hundred years with no sign of a prince hacking through the briar to release me from the nightmare I was in.
Maybe just being one year older, made those boys a little less of a living nightmare handful, maybe the couple of weeks where the weather cooled down a bit, or maybe I just kept my expectations very low, whatever, it was a good holiday.
Sunshine was off doing her own thing most of the time, The Man was at work, but the four remaining troupers, were able to juggle activities to suit everyone and I really enjoyed the time with them all, almost wish they could just go back to school part time.

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