So I get a call from Doris on my way home from work.
She says she has cut her finger on one of the many potentially lethal tools I am required to buy for her by the school.
She was whittling away at the broken leg of a chair ( what happened to the chair? I don’t know it wasn’t me. Me neither. No not me???)
when she sliced into her finger with a kind of chisel/blade thingy called a chokokuto.
I said, get it under cold water and I will be there in 3 minutes.
2 minutes and 58 seconds later, that is 2 minutes and 58 seconds of imagining the life blood gushing from the child and pooling in huge puddles on my new kitchen floor, I am home.
There was a lot of blood and it is quite a deep cut, but I don’t think it is anything to be stitched. So she is all bandaged up now, she likes a bandage, she has her very own first aid box which she likes to keep well stocked.
Trooper that she is she is off to tae kwon dou now.
All’s well that ends well.

3 thoughts on “drama-rama

  1. every time I think I am going to carve something…. I pull out some knives or carving tools, I end up gouging myself. Throughout the decades it has happened several times…..

    recently I bought myself a really fabulous set of wooden handled carving tools. They are new and really beautiful. Immediately I started carving something, and holy shit if I didn’t nearly take my finger off.

    Perhaps Doris is in for a lifetime of carving accidents….

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