Camping Fun

We went camping at the weekend,as Monday was Respect the Aged day.
If they really respected me they would have let me stay home and watch films.
It is Thursday now, it’s taken me this long to come back from the darkness.

The weather on the first day was good, not too hot, the second day was overcast and torrential rain started to pour just as we were heading home.

The chicklets have lost interested in swimming in the sea now, it’s all about the fishing, they fished all day both days, I was even dispatched back to the nearest town for more bait, not a pleasant task.
There were some cool rock pools, but I soon learned that those days of leaping across from rock to rock, sure footed as a mountain goat are long gone and I retired to the pier to read my Nelson DeMille book.

Kevin was seriously obnoxious almost all of the time and Sunshine wore her displeasure at doing something as lame as camping with her family, without her phone, on her face, much of the time.

We did get in some good card games though. Played several games of Rummy and must say Doris is doing really well, I remember playing Rummy with my Mum for hours and hours. Though I was surprised when I tried to teach Doris and Kev Chinese Patience and I couldn’t quite remember all the details, I’ll have to look it up or ask one of my aunties.

We had a marathon of SPIT, which my kids call SPEED, and hot dang that Sunshine is quick. I pointed out that I was super, fab uber brilliant at this at school, especially after I went on a caravanning holiday with my friend’s family and it rained the entire week so we played SPIT all day every day, but though Doris was fairly easy pickings , Sunshine wiped the floor with me so badly I almost had to resort to cheating just to maintain a little dignity.

I think camping is one of those things the chicklets should do with Daddy from now on.

One thought on “Camping Fun

  1. Lovely site you created!:) This old paper background is awesome (I’m an old paper fetish!:D) And as always your sketches are gold. I hungered for seeing moh.oreoOo, and I want to subscribe to your blog! (I’m sure you’d already know that I’d say this :D)

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