New Games!

Some fancy convoluted folding of paper, then smash the air with it and it makes a really loud banging sound, done next to my ear 10- 20 times and child’s joy increases
exponentially each time I jump out of my seat.

Might be a storm, might not. They, the all powerful weather people, the weather people who can give my kids a day off school on a whim, said there might be a storm last night, or this morning, or maybe this afternoon, maybe tonight, or even tomorrow.
So far a bit of wind ( that might have been one of the kids) some rain, nothing big, no time off school, no emergency calls to collect them. A weekend of possible rain ahead.
On a sad note, a 6 year old boy was found strangled in a park in Fukuoka, he died on the way to the hospital. My first thought was, poor kid! and I let my kids play in the park unsupervised every day, maybe I am too complacent and a little more of the paranoia I always have in England would be good….it’s just different here. Or is it?
My second thought, was, why did the mother call the police in so quickly. News in english is scare but it seems from noticing he was missing to the police finding him, was only 30 mins. Seemed quite quick to call the police in…there are usually other steps one takes when a kid first goes out of sight. But I am not her, I was not there.
Let’s see how it unfolds. Tragic whichever way you look, whatever happened.
Lives ruined, never to recover.

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