A New Week

My personal revolution is going well, as I hit Day 2. Did not do my kumon yesterday but accomplished everything else and I might say LOST is getting really good right now.

So today I will continue with the plan, plus go to work.
Last night I dreamt I worked at Kansai Airport, and that I was sending my son to the UK for a holiday but forgot his passport, it was one of the wierd dreams with a cast of thousands, people I used to know, people I barely know, people I have seen but don’t actually know, everyone was popping in, was it a dream or was it one of those alternate plane experiences, we may never know!

So still early here, might have time for a few yoga poses before the chicklets get up for school.

2 thoughts on “A New Week

  1. i do my stretching (cannot go so far as calling it yoga because of the way i squench my face up and don’t breathe when i am holding the pose) while i wait for the stovetop espresso to deliver. just the right amount of stretching.

  2. All Yoga pose names are unpronouncable to me so my favourite pose is one that i have christened ‘Pornstarasta’ It involves kneeling with your toes together and knees wide apart …arms on the floor behind you… you lift your tits and ‘throw’ your head backwards to look to the ceiling pushng your pelvis forward…( i lick my lips at the same time and wink at the man opposite me in the class) this does not bring me inner peace and harmony but it does make my friend fall over laughing.

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