Personal Revolution.

Big day today, very busy and changing my life, hope I still have time to watch LOST.
Going back to my book 40 days To Personal Revolution, which involves lots of yoga and healthy eating habits, and not so much coffee and cigarettes. Don’t think I have got past Day 5 before, so Day 6 would at least be an improvement.
Have enlisted Doris to assist me with the yoga, she is a drill sargent in such things, there will be no slacking off on Doris’ watch.
Lots of walking, starting with The Long March across town to the library, where I shall read English language newspapers, maybe even a Time magazine and do my kumon study.
Then we will go to Mac House and I will buy new jeans as the weather had turned cool and I want to be prepared. while there no doubt Doris will talk me into lots of unnecessary expenditure on her, but her self discipline is legendary and I need her, so there will be purchases.
Then the absolute highlight, I will go in search of a Le Creuset frying pan. The cousins left me the funds as a gift and I am determind to find one today.
Sunday roast for dinner tonight, LOST at 9 and bed at 10, maybe a page or two of my John Grisham dense, life altering metaphysics book.
Ready and relaxed and healing and healthy for the week ahead.
Let Day 1 begin.

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