What a Difference 30 minutes Makes.

So , as you now, I woke up super fine, all, I’m going to do my yoga, and I can’t wait to eat my lentils, and yet just 30 short minutes I am reaching for the vodka to wash down my prozac. Whatever could have happened to cause such a radical mood change? Did the house burn down? Terrible news from the Motherland?
Did I fall down our treacherous stairs?
No! None of those things. What HAPPENED, was Kev couldn’t find any socks.
Kev could not find any socks!
Every morning there is a fight between the fine wee lad and myself, where I say,
‘Kev, get your socks on’
and he says
So a while back I gave up, if he wants to go out with no socks on let him, if he wants to be ridiculed and ostracised at school for stinky feet, then so be it.
Then today, for no apparent frickin reason, he wants socks and claims the socks on Doris’ feet are his, and his alone.
She begged to differ. There was much screaming and shouting ( by Kev) in the genkan, ending with Kev in one Harry Potter sock and one Spiderman sock ( the other still being at the Squinting Cat in Yorkshire where it was lost some years back)
and one shoe on. To punish me! he said he is going to school with just one shoe on.
How little he knows, poor young thing.
As long as he leaves the house the one shoe will not bother me, not a jot!
Then he slammed the door with such force the cow bell fell off.
I did an Ally McBeal and mentally body slammed him off the wall, and went back to washing breakfast dishes.
Of course he came back 5 minutes later for his other shoe, he managed to say ‘sorry’, I think, he might just have been spitting at me.
And so the brand new day begins.

2 thoughts on “What a Difference 30 minutes Makes.

  1. i know this feeling all too well. finish a great little morning routine from 5:30 – 6:45…and then everyone starts to wake up…. that’s part of the learning, eh??!!

  2. What is it with kids and socks …I have a 10 year old great niece who wont wear socks at all, ever…on the couple of occasions she has worn them she insists on wearing them with the heels pulled right up to her calfs so she looks like she has two abnormal growths half way up her leg….and her mother when she was young used to cut toe holes in her socks….saying that i am barefoot today with my wellies on, perhaps its the genes.. 🙂

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