Absolute Sadness!

So, the past couple of weeks Kev has been REALLY ‘difficult’. I don’t just mean regular Kev-ish, i mean especially,, shall I ram a screwdriver into my eyeball to relieve the pain of kev-ish.
I do not know why. If I knew and I could do something about it, trust me I would, I would be all over it, sucking it up, devouring it or buying it, whatever it took to put both me and Kev out of our misery.
cos the fact is, however difficult Kev is for me to deal with, he is so much harder on himself.
It’s like he chooses to deny himself joy and happiness, and I do not know why, and am helpless to assist.
So there is a sudden boom on playing SPIT, though they call it ‘Speedo’.
what you do is you lay out four cards, then each person puts out one and you put your cards on either pile in numerical order, doesn’t matter about suits.
His siblings will no longer play with him because he gets so obtuse when he is losing.
I asked him to play with me, he said ‘no’.
He played by himself and small parts of myself began to die. he even called out ‘speeeeDO!’ as he turned each new card. It’s one of the saddest things I have ever seen. I repeatedly asked him to play with me but he refused.
In the end I asked him if he had won.
He looked at me like he was 80 years old and I was the stupidest person he had ever encountered in his life and said,
‘I was playing by myself’.
Sad sad sad, to watch, what can a parent do?

2 thoughts on “Absolute Sadness!

  1. Could it be a reaction to your cousins going home..didnt they leave about a fortnight ago…Different group dynamics maybe..change in his temporary role in the family …says phychobabble Withering with no kids..and not even a dog anymore !

    Still the games i play alone are often the best 😉

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